Stay open

published25 days ago
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When someone hurts you, it's normal to want to snap shut and retreat.

When love is not reciprocated, it feels safer to close off your heart.

When you suffer a huge disappointment, it's tempting to hide and lick your wounds.

But that's not the best way to heal. And it will stunt any possible growth.

What should you do instead?

Stay open. Be present. Show up.

You will not feel like yourself.

That's okay.

You might feel great sadness.

That's normal. What you're going through sucks!

You might be angry and want to lash out.

Don't judge yourself for being human.

It takes a lot of courage to sit in that place of hurt. But it's important to stay open and resist the urge to push those feelings down.

Anything you repress doesn't go away. It grows fetid. It becomes bigger. It will color everything until it can no longer be contained.

Don't suffer twice by turning your back on pain or anything else you feel.

Let it wash over you and know:

  • This is not who you are. It does not have to define you.
  • This is not something happening to punish you.
  • This is happening FOR you, if you can find the lesson in it.
  • This was something that happened. And it will pass.
  • If you soften your heart and stay open, the parts that were broken and bruised will regenerate.
  • You will emerge stronger for having let yourself experience the fullness of this moment.

That's your challenge.

Let me know how it goes by tagging @trulykristi on social.

Til Tuesday!
Kristi Casey

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